Vector  Vex  Inc.

Vector Vex Inc. is an early stage technology start-up currently focused on providing smartphone users the ability to create automatically authenticated media (images, audio and video). Through our WorthyData™ technology we will guarantee that all of the data a WorthyData™ enabled smartphone gathers when it captures media is unchanged, unedited, untouched.

Utilizing our proprietary patent pending technology and an innovative business model, WorthyData™ will provide a secure ecosystem for the capture, management, copyrighting, licensing/sale, and publishing of automatically authenticated digital media whose content and associated metadata can be guaranteed without third party verification.

WorthyData™ adds value to digital media whether created as content by professional photographers or citizen journalists, or by businesses or organizations for documentation. WorthyData™ users retain complete control of their media while displaying their work, licensing their media or simply retaining it for documentation purposes.



Contact us at:

Vector Vex Inc.
PO Box 2291
Santa Fe NM